Terms & Conditions


We’ve put extra measures in place to ensure a safe holiday for you to enjoy. Our Stay Well Program has been implemented to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and community.

If you have just been tested for Covid 19 and are self-isolating when you are due to arrive, please do not travel to our holiday properties.

In the unlikely event of you testing positive for Covid-19 while you are on holidays, you will be required to isolate at your own expense.

We suggest getting travel insurance before you travel anywhere, just in case you have to change or cancel plans.


Our Stay Well Program strictly adheres to the Covid Safe Directives of the Queensland Chief Health Officer.

Please wash your hands often and bring hand sanitiser to apply frequently.

Compendiums and magazines have been removed and replaced with online information.


Please practice the 1.5m social distance rule and any other government health advise.


We do increased cleaning and sanitation of properties with special attention paid to high touch surfaces, bathrooms and floors.

All linen is processed following the global WHO Safety Guidelines


Guests displaying cold and flu symptoms should self-isolate and get checked by a doctor.

Should you need to quarantine you will need to do so at your own expense.

Cashless payment may be required at some locations, i.e. Hamilton Island


The 20% deposit is non-refundable after payment. The balance of the accommodation payment (due 6 weeks prior to guest arrival) is non-refundable.

If the booking was made via a site similar to Expedia, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, the balance may be charged sooner by these sites in which case it is non-refundable.

If Luxury Holidays manages to rebook guest dates at the same rate, Luxury Holidays can then refund guest rent minus $100 admin fee.

If weather, natural disasters, pandemics or similar prevents the guest from reaching their accommodation, the guest agrees to use their travel insurance to claim on cost for accommodation.


Covid 19 Cancellation Policy

Notwithstanding the Cancellation Policy in the Luxury Holidays Terms and Conditions, should domestic state closures due to Covid 19 prevent you from traveling to your holiday property, we would give you a travel credit minus $100 admin fee as long as you please get in touch via email with us within 48 hours of restrictions being imposed on you.

We can then also wait longer to decide whether to cancel your booking if both parties agree to do so.
For any other cancellation reason please ensure you have travel insurance as credits and refunds are only possible if we rebook your dates at a non-discounted rate.

Travel to Australia from Overseas Locations

The Covid cancellation policy does not apply to guests traveling from overseas locations. To refund or obtain a travel credit the dates must be rebooked at a non-discounted rate first. Thank you for your understanding. The rules as to entry into Australia, especially into Qld from overseas are still too uncertain at this time.


You will be provided with a complimentary golf buggy. Same as when you hire a car, the valet will ask you to inspect the buggy at the start of your stay for any damages and to sign a declaration that there were no damages at the start of your stay. You are liable for any damages caused by you or a person within your group. Golf buggy insurance becomes invalid if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this case, you will be liable for the entire cost of repair.

Where insurance can be used you are liable for $1000 excess for drivers over 24 years of age and $1500 for drivers under the age of 24. Drivers under the age of 24 cannot drive the buggy without written consent from the owner/ property manager. By law on Hamilton Island, you must have an Open Drivers License to drive a golf buggy on Hamilton Island.


Please note that Hamilton Island now has in place a child restraint (safety seat) policy for the golf buggies on Hamilton Island. Due to the new QLD department of transport policy, all children must be restrained in golf buggies on Hamilton Island as follows:

  • A passenger less than six months old must be restrained in a rearward-facing infant restraint, located in the front seat and secured to an engineered anchor point and fitted seatbelt.
  • A passenger at least six months old, but less than four years old must be restrained in an approved forward-facing child restraint and secured to an engineered anchor point and fitted seatbelt.
  • A passenger at least four years old, but less than seven years must be restrained in either an approved forward-facing child restraint or by the fitted seatbelt. In other words, if your child is 4 years and over they may travel in a golf buggy with a fitted seatbelt unless you prefer for your child 4 years and over to be in a booster seat in which case you would need to bring one, please.

Please note that the buggy at the property does not come with any child restraints (Child seats), (except for Poinciana 101, which has 1 child restraint suitable for children 0-7 years) therefore you will need to bring the required child restraint with you or hire one.

There are child restraints available for rental on the island from the Hamilton Island Valet at a cost of $15/day to a maximum of $60 (for bookings over 4 days), pre-book these by contacting Hamilton Island Valet on 0412 011 011 or emailing john@hivs.com.au. If you do not pre-book these child restraints with Hamilton Island valet we strongly recommend you bring the child restraints with you as they may be all booked out when you arrive.

(If you are staying at Poinciana 011 then please wait for the owner to contact you directly prior to your stay via email regarding the car restraint).


Guests are responsible for keeping their children safe in the swimming pool. Guest should supervise children at all times. If a guest notices a pool latch failing or anything else considered unsafe, the guest should bring it to the attention of the agent immediately. Guests are to ensure no chairs or sun lounges or other climbable objects are kept near the pool fences and ensure the pool gates are closed at all times.


This agreement is made under special agreement and the host does not provide accommodation to any and all comers and is accordingly not an innkeeper. It shall therefore be the guest’s responsibility to ensure that guests provide their own travel insurance, personal effects insurance, and vehicle or watercraft insurance for any goods brought onto the property as the guests property is not covered by the property owner’s insurance policy.

This agreement is made under special contract and the host does not provide accommodation to any and all comers and is accordingly not an innkeeper. It shall therefore be the guest’s responsibility to ensure that guests provide their own travel insurance, personal effects insurance, and vehicle or watercraft insurance for any goods brought onto the property as the guests property is not covered by the property owner’s insurance policy.


The guests understand that they are using the property at the sole risk and responsibility of the guest. The guest waives all rights and claims that the guest may have against the owner or agent concerning the fitness or use of the property and any damage or loss to any property or injury to any person. Rest assured that the owner will ensure the property is well maintained.

At times disturbance may be caused by wildlife on Hamilton Island such as possums, bats, and wallabies which are in abundance on Hamilton Island, and as this is part of nature on Hamilton Island, the booking agent or owner is not responsible for any nuisance these may cause.


Guests agree to ensure that all occupants treat the property and all fittings with reasonable care and agree to pay for any damage caused during their occupancy.

Guests agree to vacate the property in a reasonably tidy condition needing standard cleaning only and agree to pay any excess cleaning fees. The BBQ should be cleaned, linen left on beds and towels in the bathrooms for the cleaners to collect, and any rubbish removed to the kerbside bins, lights and air-conditioning turned off and windows and doors closed prior to departure. The BBQ should be returned to the condition you found it.

Guests agree to provide a credit card to hold of $500 as security against damages and excess cleaning.

Guests agree that Luxury Holidays may draw upon the security deposit to utilise towards the cost of remedying damages and additional cleaning costs.

Guests liability for excess cleaning and damages is not limited to any security deposit.


The Guest and the Owner acknowledge and agree that the Rental Agreement to which these conditions apply is bona fide entered into for the purposes of conferring on the Guest a right to occupy premises for a holiday within the meaning of Section 21 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1994 (“the Act”) and the parties to the Agreement confirm that the provisions of the Act shall not apply to the Rental Agreement notwithstanding the fact that the term entered into is not in excess of 6 weeks.


The guest is required to leave the property in a tidy condition needing standard departure clean by the cleaners upon departure only. Please remove all rubbish from the property to the kerbside bins. Please wash all dishes and empty the dishwasher. Guests are not required to strip bed linen from beds. Please leave used towels in the bathrooms. If the property is left in an excessively messy condition excess cleaning fees may apply.


All information in respect of the property contained in the property’s promotional material is believed to be correct at the time of the printing, however, all details contained in the material are subject to change without notice. The owner and agent will not accept any responsibility for any alterations to the property or any part thereof beyond the owner and agent’s control or any liability for any matter or occurrences beyond the owner or agents reasonable control including damage caused by extreme weather conditions, break-down of appliances or motor vehicles, wiring, plumbing, invasion of pests.


The short-term accommodation contract between the Guest and The Agent is made on the understanding that the Property and its facilities as stated in the booking confirmation will be available as represented to the Guest. Should any events whatsoever arise rendering the property unavailable for holiday letting and/ or accommodation purposes (including change of ownership) or that prevent or render the Property uninhabitable (for example major maintenance need) then The Agent may have to cancel the Guest’s booking for the Property. The Agent will refund all monies paid by the Guest in respect of the Property. Upon refund of the monies paid, the guest shall have no further claims whatsoever against the Agent or Property Owner. The agent and property owner do not accept liability if natural disasters affect the area preventing you to reach your accommodation or affecting the property, i.e. electricity outage, storm damage, and in these cases the guest agrees to use their travel insurance for compensation of monies paid.


There is strictly a No Party/No Function Policy in the property, however, guests are allowed to have a barbecue and small celebration in the property provided that only registered guests are attending. If unregistered guests are to attend please inform the agent for approval in writing beforehand. No more than 4 visitors may attend throughout the day in addition to registered guests but not stay overnight. Guests must limit the noise so as to not create unnecessary disturbance within the neighbouring properties. Please no noise audible by neighbours between 10 pm and 8 am. Much like hotels, please do not use outside areas between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am to ensure neighbours peace. Thank you for your understanding.

The use of the property for hens/bucks nights, wedding ceremonies/receptions, functions, parties, performances, photo/video/movie shoots etc., commercial activities or activities outside of the intended use of the property is prohibited and will result in security company charges, eviction and charges to bond.


The property is to be maintained as a smoke-free environment and should the guest smoke cigarettes, tobacco, or any form of product inside the property a minimum of $200 bond charge will apply though costs may be higher depending on what needs to be done to get rid of the cigarette smell. If you smoke, please do so outside, away from windows and doors and dispose of butts responsibly (not in gardens).


Pets cannot be kept at the property.


Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can search availability online across all properties for specific dates by searching on the home page, or through the destination accommodation pages.

Due to the amount of work that is required to prepare our properties, early check ins are usually not available and we recommend you book your arrangements around it.

  • On Hamilton Island your valet will take you to your property and store your luggage and give you access to the buggy while you wait for check in.
  • In Palm Cove if you advise us of your flight times and the property is ready early we will call to advise.
  • For all other properties an early check in cannot be granted and luggage storage is not possible.


Please refer to full Booking Terms & Conditions for further details.

It's great you'd like to know more! Here are all the Frequently Asked Questions and here are the booking Terms & Conditions.