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There are few places in the world that can justify lofty ambitions of being "fit for a Queen", and yet - the story goes - this is exactly what Queenstown was named for by early gold prospectors, who saw the beauty of the mountains, lakes, and rivers, and declared the area "fit for a Queen." Queenstown is New Zealand's most premier travel destination where you can find an exclusive range of luxury holiday accommodations, holiday homes, apartments, and luxury holiday houses to book for your next vacation.


Every year, travelers from all around the world come to Queenstown to experience a place like no other - part alpine resort, part lakeside-paradise, and part outdoor adventure capital of the world - Queenstown is a place that will put out the welcome mat, no matter what your travel agenda may be. You will get a number of holiday rentals Queenstown in which you will find the best class modern amenities.


With a population of about 28,000 permanent residents, Queenstown is one small town that swells to three times its size, as around 2 million visitors pass through the Queenstown area every year. Once an important area on the Pounamu (precious New Zealand greenstone) trail for South Island Maori, Queenstown is an area that is steeped in legends and has a colorful history. One of those legends tells how Queenstown's central lake - Lake Wakatipu - was created by an evil giant who had abducted a young Mori woman. During the girl's rescue, the giant was knocked over, and ever since then, he lies sleeping in the depths of the lake while his beating heart makes the lake rise and fall. The discovery of gold in local rivers during the 1860s was the beginning of Europeans arriving to search for their fortunes in the Shotover and Arrow Rivers - after the miners left for better prospects on the South Island's West Coast, Queenstown began its long journey to becoming one of the world's most attractive travel spots.


With its majestic mountain ranges, clear azure lake, numerous walking tracks, and fertile wine valleys, Queenstown is about as scenic as it gets. As there is something for everyone in Queenstown, taking advantage of everything that Queenstown has to offer could take a long time, so we have compiled some essential insider tips so that you can make the most of your holiday with Luxury Holidays Australia. Check out Queenstown luxury holiday rentals properties and book rental apartments or luxury holiday homes in Queenstown, OTA.