Your next holiday should be tropical!

This destination is in high demand and generally books out months in advance.

Tropical island holidays are a seamless match for all travel types of groups to reset, reconnect and unwind. Whether you’re planning the perfect romantic celebration, taking a bonding family retreat, a well-deserved friend's vacation or simply living up to your values on a solo trip, a ‘tropical island’ is ideal!

From sunrise to sunset this type of getaway is nature therapy at its best! Hamilton Island is a highly sort for holiday oasis nestled amongst the Great Barrier Reef Whitsundays, and is one of the planet's most extraordinary natural wonders! From breath taking landscapes, turquoise waters and clear blue skies to sand-soaked toes and sun kissed skin, it is all equipped to replenish your mind, body and soul! 

Palm trees, coupled with the ocean breeze and rolling waves, there is no doubt tropical destinations give off sounds that will calm even the most burdened minds. The time spent in nature's lap is truly calming, helping you clear your mind and giving you time out from the rest of the world to reconnect with yourself and loved ones. Picture yourself hand-in-hand with your partner for long walks on the beachside or sipping an early morning cuppa watching the sunrise while in a deep heart to heart conversation. For the adventure seeker the activities are plentiful, from boating and cruising, bushwalking and wildlife, to water sports and golfing.

Hamilton Island is a tropical playground and refreshing destination for anyone seeking to really replenish themselves and their relationships with their loved ones alike.

As you can imagine this destination is in high demand and generally books out months in advance! Luxury Holidays has a rare opening available this coming February and March. Reap the rewards of off-peak pricing for the next 48 hours, plus we are gifting a delicious prawn platter and bottle of wine to enjoy at your own private holiday residence.

A tropical holiday has never looked so good. Enjoy, you deserve it!