Hamilton Island Seafood

Why is it so easy to tempt your tastebuds while staying on Hamilton Island?

Fresh island seafood has never looked so good! Seafood is a real delicacy appreciated by many humans far and wide.

Seafood is known for its remarkable health benefits, from heart health to memory preservation to better sleep, seafood is a superfood that the whole family can enjoy!

It is commonly known that when eating seafood, it needs to be newly sourced due to its perishable nature. It is no surprise that seafood restaurants located on the beach are going to be one of your freshest options and commonly recommended by the locals! Also, by supporting local fisherman and restaurants, we help the community to thrive!

Fishi is an Australian seafood retailer owned and operated by a local Hamilton Island family. They proudly support sustainable fishing and the Australian seafood industry, while guaranteeing to their customers that their produce is locally sourced as much as possible. Fishi has a reputation of its own amongst the locals and any holiday maker who has purchased from them before. Their numerous positive reviews say it all for this local favourite seafood hotspot!

With one happy customer stating, “Absolutely amazing seafood, fresh, juicy and cooked to perfection! Ohh! And almost forgot to mention the homemade in-house sauce, delicious... yum yum yum!”

Some of their most popular options are the BBQ platter, fresh feast platter and the taste of the sea platter! Check out the full menu here.

Fishi strive to cater for all picnics, functions and special occasions that you may have. If you are staying on Hamilton Island, you can collect your order from the Hamilton Island IGA deli section after 4pm Monday through to Saturday. If you are in the Whitsundays area this wonderful family will personally deliver to your door.

Alternatively, if you are seeking scrumptious fresh seafood, however you muse on the idea of dining at an island restaurant, we are very excited to announce, Hamilton Island’s favourite seafood restaurant is reopening this January! Mariners Seafood Restaurant presents fresh, local seafood sourced from the pristine Whitsundays’ waters. They offer scrumptious 2 and 3 course menu options and bookings are essential! This popular restaurant is fully licensed and boast’s the best views of the Hamilton Island marina in a relaxed and intimate setting.

I certainly do love the taste of saltwater, drizzling lemon over a flaky white slab of reef fish and sitting back at a beach bar licking tartar sauce from my fingers! Yum Yum! Island seafood – delicious!

Your tropical beach holiday has never looked so good. Enquire today and make your dream getaway a reality!